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We are working on improving the quality and efficiency of Polish potato production.

We focus our activities on the development of the Polish potato industry and increase its competitiveness on the domestic and international market. The basis of our organization is the work of all members. The association is an organization that aims to provide the Polish potato with a leading position on the agricultural and commodity market through the care for the quality of production and consumer satisfaction.

In its operation, the association is guided by the pursuit of excellence in achieving the set goals and creating opportunities for the development of the organization, its members as well as all entities associated with the Polish potato industry.

The most important for us are the effects and creating new opportunities for the Polish potato industry, and thus contribute to raising the level of civilization in Poland and its regions.

ul. Wiejska 17/16; 00-490 Warszawa, Poland, biuro@federacjaziemniaka.pl, 

+48 601 208 441, +48 501 237 070

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